Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge Discovery Trip – July or August 2018 (TBD)

We are working with the refuge staff to plan a Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge Discovery Trip for 2018. Stay tuned for details and dates as they become available! 

Tetlin is a wild, rich land of  rivers and lakes, caribou, wolves and lynx, and is a principle flyway for migratory birds.  Some of the best lynx research in the world is being conducted there.  This Refuge showcases it’s rich cultural heritage at their border visitor center anchored by two Native cultural teachers from the Native village of Northway.  Possibilities for this exciting trip include:

  • A weekend with camping at a refuge campground, a sit down with refuge management and or biologist on refuge issues and opportunities, a visit to their visitor center and cultural teachers and a one day canoe trip on a lake or river.

  • A 3 – 4 day trip that would have all of the above but instead of the one day trip, a longer multi-night canoe or raft trip on the Tanana River through the refuge.

  • A short volunteer project could be incorporated into either trip.  
If you are interested in experiencing the wilds of this refuge in the company of Friends and refuge staff, please contact Poppy Benson, Outreach Coordinator with your trip and  date preferences: poppybenson@alaskarefugefriends.org

For more information about the Tetlin Refuge check out their webpage or on Facebook.