Volunteer Update

Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges is working hard to get some volunteer opportunities for our members. The refuges are submitting requests for volunteers and funding during January. At our February Board meeting, we will be approving as many of their requests as possible. Any Volunteer Opportunities for 2020 will then be listed on our website by February 16 so stay tuned!

Meanwhile there are other opportunities to offer your skills and knowledge by contacting a refuge directly. These projects are not a part of Friends, but are general ongoing needs of various refuges.  Below is a list provided by Yukon Flats. There will be others of this type on more refuges and when we have information, we’ll try to get it out to you. Contact Jimmy_fox@fws.gov directly if interested. 

· Continue lynx capture/monitoring/snowshoe hare monitoring project

· Conduct mallard banding project at Canvasback Lake

· Implement annual scoter and scaup aerial survey

· Conduct annual waterfowl brood surveys

· Operate trail camera and snow monitoring program

· Conduct annual stick nest survey and keep active nest locations in NIFC Known Sites Database

· Implement annual loon survey

· Conduct annual trumpeter swan survey

· Implement annual Dall’s sheep survey in the White Mtns

· Provide aerial survey support for Draanjik River sheefish research project (2020-2022)

· Support Elodea eradication efforts in the Interior

· Conduct invasive species surveys in villages after consultation with tribes

· Inspect John Herbert’s Village structures, make necessary repairs, and identify deferred maintenance needs; and develop interpretative panel to display on site

· Engage students and create entries for the USFWS Migratory Bird Calendar in Fort Yukon

· Staff Outdoor Days event at UAF in Fairbanks

· Staff Bird Watch event at Creamer’s Refuge in Fairbanks

· Conduct USFWS waterfowl hunting clinic in Birch Creek

· Create salmon art and conduct fish wheel decoration contest

· Staff the USFWS Dragonfly Days event in Fairbanks

· Conduct an event in association with the 4th of July Parade in Fort Yukon

· Staff the Golden Days Parade float in Fairbanks

· Engage students at career fairs in Fort Yukon

· Participate in, and support, the National Native Youth Congress

· Revise fire ecology language for Web page and other outreach materials

· Create new content for kiosks in Circle and Fort Yukon

· Assess condition of kiosks and panels at Dalton Highway MP86 and Yukon River Crossing

· Work with tribes to install invasives prevention signs at major points of entry

· Investigate purpose and feasibility of marketing, in partnership with others, the LEO Network

· Develop refuge staff poster for rural communities

· Create and distribute biological reports to villages and post highlights on Web site and Facebook

· Work with IARC to develop messages for joint outreach materials and efforts

· Finalize, print and distribute new refuge brochure (and replace stock on shelves)

· Create and distribute CATG/USFWS fact sheet about AFA

· Conduct routine maintenance at Scoter Lake Fueling Site and other avgas tanks

· Continue to oversee and assist with construction of Fort Yukon bunkhouse

· Contract and administer construction of fence and gates for Fort Yukon bunkhouse

· Develop contracts for construction of solar systems for Fort Yukon Warehouse, Bunkhouse and Fairbanks Hangar

· Contract for insulating the Fort Yukon warehouse

· Repair roof on Canvasback Lake cabin

· Develop use policies for Fort Yukon facilities and equipment (and distribute/post)

· Develop calendar of routine maintenance for all assets

· Perform routine cleaning of Fort Yukon cabin and outhouse and keep essentials stocked

· Replace fuel meter and access system on hangar av gas tank

· Compile hangar repairs task order for Maintenance Action Team

· Maintain all field equipment