Open post

A Night at the Museum

by Poppy Benson, Vice President for Outreach 

“Whoever thought of this was a genius,” said Meg Parsons about the pairing of artists and conservation groups at the Art and Conservation Night at the Anchorage Museum on December 13.  The public event, which also featured speakers and refreshments, was part of the annual Alaska Bird Conference.
Meg said it was a great success for Friends in terms of numbers of people talked to, enthusiasm, new members recruited (about 6), and publicity for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival.  Meg said there was “LOTS of interest in the Festival,” which Friends cosponsors with the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.  Marie said, “I get more out of being there than I put into it.  Love volunteering for Friends.” Marie said people wanted to support us and it was fun talking to the other conservation groups and the artists. The Fish and Wildlife Service also had a booth educating on the dangers of lead shot for loons

Exploring the role of art in bird conservation was a goal for the evening. The art was tempting, and this beautiful raven went home with Marie. pc: Marie McConnell