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LinkArctic National Wildlife Refuge, Atigun River

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Atigun River

Membership Monthly Meet-Ups take place at
5:00pm AK time on the third Tuesday of the month in September, October, November and January-AprilMembers and all who are interested gather for a LIVE presentation or watch party at a Refuge or you can join in online/by phone via Zoom. The meetings feature guest speakers from the 16 Alaska refuges plus member field reports, updates on refuge issues and board decisions, and updates on upcoming volunteer opportunities.


Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, St. Lazaria Island

Member Volunteer Opportunities
As a Friends member, you can volunteer for education, outreach, advocacy, biology and maintenance projects happening around the state throughout the year. We match your time and talents with the needs of Alaska’s refuges.
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Caribou / Tom Collopy and Mary Frische